Model: Amber Couzens | Hair: Georgia Couzens | Photography: Greg Couzens

Model: Amber Couzens | Hair: Georgia Couzens | Photography: Greg Couzens


With salons closed for months, everyone is now returning for a much-needed makeover. One thing that many clients have let slide has been their hair colour – everyone has roots that need some attention.

We asked Georgia, a senior technician at Gregory Couzens, what is new in hair colour?

Georgia said: “The biggest request from clients is to return to a more natural and subtle colour that requires less maintenance.

“Babylights are the next must-have colour technique, they are much more delicate than highlights. The main difference between the two is that babylights are finer and don’t leave the hair stripy; they create more of a one-tone colour rather than highlights which create a blend of a few colours. The technique is similar, however, babylights is a more precise process so could take longer and could cost more. They are so subtle and resemble the look of
children’s natural hair – babylights will bring your childhood hair colour back to life.”

Georgia applied this technique to Amber’s hair; her base colour was taken to a slightly darker brunette with multiple babylights. Look closely and you will see the micro fine lights are three to four shades brighter; it creates a twinkly effect when it catches the light.

The beauty of babylights is that it can be adapted for everyone. With the correct colour choice, it will enhance your skin tone, whether warm or cool. It is personalised to suit the individual and requires little maintenance. It is especially suitable for fine hair and complements the latest haircuts with choppy layers.

Although babylights are low maintenance, Georgia recommends a little salt spray, crackling oil foam or serum to enhance the texture of your hair and give you twinkling babylights.