Model: Amber Couzens<br> Hair: Georgia Matthews<br> Photo: Gregory Couzens

Model: Amber Couzens
Hair: Georgia Matthews
Photo: Gregory Couzens

Spiced Cherry

Spiced cherry: the juiciest new hair colour for autumn.

Natural red hair colour is only found in under 2% of the human population. Variations of all these shades are being requested in salons more than ever before.

The variations range from deep burgundy, spiced cherry, burnt orange, red orange, bright copper, cinnamon spice to strawberry blonde, characterised with a high concentration of the red pigment pheomelanin. its success depends on the right shade to compliment your skin tone and eye colour.

We asked Georgia Matthews, senior technician at Gregory Couzens, for her professional opinion.

“Red hair is really having a moment,” she explained. “I think that the initial inspiration started with The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix: Anya Taylor-Joy burst onto the screen with a beautiful cinnamon spice striking colour making a bold statement. Two years later we progress towards spiced cherry red with a ruby mix; the combination and creation is bold, beautiful and creates a dramatic hue.

“The look works well for Amber; it compliments her blue eyes and complexion.

“This bright and somewhat intense shade is not for the faint hearted; it’s high impact, it draws lots of attention, this shade is for the wild ones! The whole world is now looking at you; enjoy the moment and the attention.”

Embrace the warmth of autumn: ask your colour technician to recommend the right shade for you.