Model: Georgia Matthews | Hair & Photography: Gregory Couzens

Model: Georgia Matthews | Hair & Photography: Gregory Couzens

The Bixie

The bixie haircut is the latest trend, it is a fusion of a bob and a pixie.

This cut offers the beautiful face-framing texture of a pixie: its head-hugging shape gives softness and femininity whilst keeping a more solid exterior.

Starting with a fringe whilst keeping some length it can be adapted for
everyone; ask your stylist to recommend what would suit your face shape, hair texture and lifestyle.

Using a freehand technique that relies on instinctively knowing the right length and gradient, instinct cutting means your hairdresser provides you with the best shape and cut, hair that works specifically for you.

This approach begins with a client showing a photograph of a haircut they want. Thanks to instinct cutting, you will emerge from the chair with a
bespoke cut, rather than a reproduction of something that doesn’t look or feel right. With the right layering and razoring, a low maintenance beautiful haircut is achieved.

Instinct cutting is booming post-pandemic due to clients wanting a more
relaxed haircut that is easy to maintain. Because we are generally more causal with our fashion and clothing, our hair needs to complement this.

We also applied a colour with a natural, rich and glossy finish so we could make Georgia’s hair ‘pop’ that little bit extra whilst keeping it healthy.

Are you brave enough to place so much trust into your stylist? Be bold and talk to them today about instinct cutting and the bixie.