Photo of a model with grey hair

Photo of a model with grey hair

Grey is the new blonde

Grey is no longer considered ‘granny’ hair or related to getting old, in fact, it is quite the opposite.

Hair Passion metallic hair colour is on trend right now.

Variations of metallic shades that are becoming popular are incorporating the ombre and balayage trend.

The new colour range from angelic to romantic and ethereal rebelliously edgy.

Many women are now embracing their grey hair.

A simple way to try the look without making a commitment is to use a silver shampoo.

At Couzens, we use our own brand of silver shampoo, and because we are concerned about the over use of plastic you can bring your bottle back for a refill.

Silver shampoo has a blue tone, this is the opposite to yellow on the colour circle and will eliminate any warmth in your hair colour, it also gives the illusion of lightening without the use of chemicals.

A more permanent grey is best achieved by an experienced technician. The new colours from ‘Hair Passion’ are much kinder to the hair. In the past your hair would have to be bleached almost white, this is no longer the case, beautiful grey tones can now be produced on top of traditional blonde highlights.

Grey is neutral and so you have no worries about it clashing with the colour of your clothes, nails or makeup.Baby pink is also proving very popular and, for the very adventurous, a combination of grey and pink can look fabulous.

Don’t be shy about turning grey and fighting to cover it up, instead be brave and embrace your natural colour.

For the first time in the history of fashion, grey is most definitely the new blonde.